Wednesday, November 15 2023

9:58 AM - Nov 15, 2023

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Saturday, September 16 2023

2:31 PM - Sep 16, 2023

It's interesting to see the wave of flawed women character leads. Even the recent British adaptation Annika has it. But it's something that's in:

  • This Way Up
  • Fleabag
  • Chewing Gum
  • I May Destory You
  • Back to Life
  • Frayed

And Catashrophe to a lesser degree. And I feel like Motherland was supposed to be an ensemble version. 

Friday, September 15 2023

11:29 PM - Sep 15, 2023

It's funny to think of Harold Godwinson and JFK as living similar lives, two kingmakers' sons

11:23 PM - Sep 15, 2023

I think I can figure out how to get all my past stuff in here, given a month or two. But I can't figure out how to make it work going forward. Posting on Twitter, Bluesky, and WordPress is just too much to reinput all by hand here. 

11:13 PM - Sep 15, 2023

"DC denies Willingham's public domain claim". Well this got interesting. 

2:53 PM - Sep 15, 2023

Had a phone screen with a company for a 6-month contract to cover someone out on maternity leave. I don't love the six months part, but the call went well.

8:52 AM - Sep 15, 2023

It is sort of funny that I'm turning this into my own personal Tweetbeat, where it has my articles, videos, art, etc broken out of the stream and into a separate highlight in the sidebar. I ain't mad about it, it's just funny that I seemed to have accidentially backed into it

8:50 AM - Sep 15, 2023

Maybe the thing to do is just merge all new journals, texts, WordPress entries, photos, skeets, tweets, and what-have-you's at the end of a day. Sort of as a calm reflective wind down. Perhaps even end the day with a journal entry, a la Doogie Howser. Who knows, this is all still new. 

8:36 AM - Sep 15, 2023

RT @mostlymartha @jaybeans gets their bone dry humor from their pops, obviously.

8:36 AM - Sep 15, 2023

RT @mostylmartha People kept telling my FIL, "Oh you've got to meet Freddie, you have so much in common, he's so smart!" So when they finally crossed paths, my father-in-law introduced himself with, "It's such a pleasure to meet you. Everyone tells me your name is Freddie Hessomart."

8:35 AM - Sep 15, 2023

RT @mostlymartha My father-in-law knows Nashville's new mayor because FIL is a transit dork who worked his butt off to get Nashville light rail. Freddie was on the city council and was a fellow transit advocate. 

8:32 AM - Sep 15, 2023

RT @mostlymartha taniel.bsky.social I'm from Nashville and my family is still there. This is very good news, and a massive feat based on how hard TN is trying to make it for Democrats.

RT taniel.bsky.social A local police union suffered another election loss tonight: its endorsed-candidate in the Nashville national race, Republican Alice Rolli, lost nearly 2 to 1 to Freddie O'Connell, who’ll be the next mayor.

8:29 AM - Sep 15, 2023

Does this site require too much from me? I may be able to do some data dumps in the background, but otherwise it's a lot of double data entry

Thursday, September 14 2023

9:33 PM - Sep 14, 2023

RT @amazonchique.bsky.social *clears throat* The reason “subversive” takes on Superman, where he’s an all-powerful man who is selfish and cruel, always fall flat is because Superman himself is a subversive take on that trope. That’s why his most wholesome stories are always the best. They’re the clearest critiques.

9:15 PM - Sep 14, 2023

RT beartnie I like drawing them

4:31 PM - Sep 14, 2023

Listen, I've got three brothers. One fills my heart with panic, one frustrates me, and one is awesome. That's a pretty good spread, actually. 

4:28 PM - Sep 14, 2023

I miss the idea of John. I miss some memories of us together when we were younger. I miss the opportunity to be an uncle to his daughter. But I can't say I miss his presence. Does that make me a bad person? I wouldn't mind seeing and interacting with him. I'd even enjoy the occassional texts or whatnot. But, I don't YEARN for him, which I fear is a sibling failure

4:26 PM - Sep 14, 2023

But I can say that "In My Life" came on when I was driving today and it reminded me of my brother saying, "think of them going from 'She's Got a Ticket to Ride' to this." Which did give me a tangible thing to point to and reminded me that my brother did used to get along.

3:55 PM - Sep 14, 2023

Recently @mostlymartha asked me how much did the Beatles actually contribute to music's progression? They're often talked about as if they're pop's Miles Davis, just constantly pushing limits. I don't really have an answer for her.

2:12 PM - Sep 14, 2023

RT @mostlymartha.bsky.social And of course, bipartisanship in any real way that involves compromise on both sides has been dead for decades. They're just mourning the appearance of it, the godforsaken "civility" that let them be brunch friends with republicans without feeling icky about it.

2:11 PM - Sep 14, 2023

"We'll miss Romney because he was one of the few of us who didn't believe in violent uprisings" is not the effusive praise they think it is

2:11 PM - Sep 14, 2023

Yes, Manchin's seat would probably go to the GOP but that's mostly how he votes anyway. Romney is a bit sad, in that he was willing to speak out against MAGAs, but that's a pretty low bar of what to expect from public servants

2:10 PM - Sep 14, 2023

Just read an article who's premise was basically "with Romney leaving and possibly Manchin and Sinema to follow suit, is this the end of middle of the road bipartisanship?" I don't feel like these are necessarily who's careers we should be mourning in modern day politics

1:40 PM - Sep 14, 2023

RT @3Joes2many The DCAU was really something special cause do you understand how hard it is to make an adaptation of an Alan Moore story that he actually likes?

1:38 PM - Sep 14, 2023

RT @RichardOcelot Anyway, here's Alan Moore having no real regard for The Killing Joke and saying it was clumsy and that he went too far with it.


1:37 PM - Sep 14, 2023

RT @DiscussingFilm Alan Moore says he asked DC to send all of his royalty checks for films/TV based on his work to Black Lives Matter. “I don’t really feel, with the recent films, that they have stood by what I assumed were their original principles.”

1:36 PM - Sep 14, 2023

RT @WakingLifeDream “The main thing that I learned about conspiracy theory, is that conspiracy theorists believe in a conspiracy because that is more comforting... The truth is far more frightening - Nobody is in control. The world is rudderless.” — Alan Moore

1:35 PM - Sep 14, 2023

RT @AlyFell Alan Moore interview from 2021.

1:12 PM - Sep 14, 2023

RT @gralefrit Rereading Alan Moore’s intro to the 1986 edition of Dark Knight Returns, and realising that this paragraph probably made more of a difference to how I saw the world and read media than anything I ever learned at school or university. One of those early teen perspective wrenches.

1:07 PM - Sep 14, 2023

Sometimes you need to put puppets in period attire

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