Thursday, September 14 2023

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10:36 AM - Sep 14, 2023

RT @BostonStrong_34 Alex Cora is under contract for the 2024 season, he clearly had his differences with Chaim Bloom. A new GM usually brings his Manager with him but we shall see if they let him finish his contract.

10:02 AM - Sep 14, 2023

RT XMen90sCovers Really need the Marvel Universe version of this

Actors, writers and directors are collaborating on a charity auction with proceeds going towards helping crew members whose healthcare benefits are currently at risk during the strike.


9:55 AM - Sep 14, 2023

Wow, they didn't even wait until the end of season, in a couple of weeks' time, to fire him.

The Boston Red Sox fired chief baseball officer Chaim Bloom. 

9:17 AM - Sep 14, 2023

9:14 AM - Sep 14, 2023

“If you want to file a motion to vacate, then file the f‑‑‑ing motion,” McCarthy said to some fellow GOP members... yep. He's struggling. 

9:11 AM - Sep 14, 2023

Speaker McCarthy, never actually good at being a political animal despite his job title, seems in an awkward position post his call for Biden's impeachment. Is his desperation going to finally break through? 

Wednesday, September 13 2023

10:49 PM - Sep 13, 2023

RT @lubchansky.bsky.social watching a star trek TNG episode where they land on a they/them planet and riker immediately says "i'm gonna fuck up your pronouns sometimes but i promise i'm trying." incredible

9:59 PM - Sep 13, 2023

I think I can import Livejournal and Bluesky in here by hand, since there's not much. Then I can keep things going forward. I'd love to get batch upload working for photos and stuff like Trakt or Last.fm. So the big question is: can I import my Twitter archive?

8:24 PM - Sep 13, 2023

RT @snaketiddy.gay "people will find your bones and know you were male" Not if my bones find them first Welcome to the skeleton wars, bitch

8:22 PM - Sep 13, 2023

RT @starsetbyte.lol "people will find your bones and know you were male" bitch people are gonna see me with 9 women around me in death and say we were all just friends, i think there's more to this than you think

6:38 PM - Sep 13, 2023

RT @joshuaphill.bsky.social Unsurprisingly the next celebrity scab is this pos

4:15 PM - Sep 13, 2023

RT @mostlymartha.bsky.social The sound waves from the squonking activate the Man Gel.

4:13 PM - Sep 13, 2023

RT @mostlymartha.bsky.social I worry that neither @jaybeans.bsky.social nor I have sufficient masculine energies to secure VC funding for Man Gel, so if one of you has many well ironed button-up shirts and a degree from Stanford, contact me now to get in on the ground floor.

4:11 PM - Sep 13, 2023

The squonking is so important

RT @mostlymartha.bsky.social To use Man Gel, you pop the can in the shower and squeeze the contents out over your head while squonking like a really butch goose. Definitely let it get in your eyes and mouth and stuff.

4:09 PM - Sep 13, 2023

RT @mostlymartha.bsky.social @jaybeans.bsky.social and I have invented a new product called Man Gel. It's a 6-in-1 shampoo/conditioner/body wash/deodorizer/protein powder/erectile supplement in the scent of Glacier Bear Harpoon. 

10:11 AM - Sep 13, 2023

RT @U4Lo6 small talk #spidermannoir #daredevil

9:48 AM - Sep 13, 2023

9:23 AM - Sep 13, 2023

This is me posting from my phone. Seems to work. 

Tuesday, September 12 2023

10:43 PM - Sep 12, 2023

RT @andreagrimes.bsky.social The fact that you can't tell a Mastodon stan "this platform was too difficult for me to use and the cost/benefit of trying to make it work was not worth it" without being snarked at for not trying hard enough is a great example of why people don't work harder to be on Mastodon

9:26 PM - Sep 12, 2023

RT @nicholasgrossman.bsky.social Democratic leaders knew Trump abused power, but worried that impeaching him might upset voters who don’t like Democrats. Republican leaders know Biden hasn’t abused power, but worry that not impeaching him would upset Republican base voters. Another asymmetry in US politics.

8:11 PM - Sep 12, 2023

Again, I love when trakt.tv gives me a good William S. Burroughs' style cut-up technique in my most or recent watched (for non-comic fans, Jessica Jones' first comic book series was called "Alias")

9:49 AM - Sep 12, 2023

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Tuesday, September 5 2023

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RT @strandjunker.bsky.social 

Wealth of Elon Musk 
2012: $2,000,000,000 
2023: $248,800,000,000 

Wealth of Jeff Bezos 
2012: $18,400,000,000 
2023: $160,900,000,000 

Wealth of Mark Zuckerberg 
2012: $17,500,000,000 
2023: $105,200,000,000 

Federal Minimum Wage 
2012: $7.25
2023: $7.25 

Three words: tax the rich.

Tuesday, August 29 2023

11:42 PM - Aug 29, 2023

I keep thinking about the Carver poem "Late Fragment" now: 

And did you get what
you wanted from this life, even so?
I did.
And what did you want?
To call myself beloved, to feel myself
beloved on the earth.

Wednesday, July 19 2023

12:27 PM - Jul 19, 2023

Ashley told me that Flexential plans to extend me through August and September. So that’s great news! 

Monday, July 3 2023

11:57 AM - Jul 3, 2023

Very interesting

RT @parismarx.bsky.social Good news on the Apple Vision Pro front: Apple was reportedly hoping to sell a million headsets in 2024, but it slashed production to less than 400,000 and is asking some suppliers for enough components to make as few as 130,000.

11:22 AM - Jul 3, 2023

starting over on bluesky like