Monday, July 3 2023

11:15 AM - Jul 3, 2023

starting over on bluesky like

11:01 AM - Jul 3, 2023

It's so heart warming to see the faces of people who left Twitter! I missed you friends!

10:25 AM - Jul 3, 2023

I know some people are complaining that Blue Sky is too similar to Twitter, but so far that has made me like it more than some of the other Twitter alternatives.

10:25 AM - Jul 3, 2023

I am curious to join this community

RT @swilua.bsky.social BlueSky is hilarious because the entire experience is different every single day. Are we gonna have starfish butts? Are we lusting over Alf? Do we have deep arguments about moderation policies? Will it be airplane day? Who knows

10:09 AM - Jul 3, 2023

RT @mostlymartha.bsky.social @jaybeans.bsky.social is here! Hello Beans!

9:07 AM - Jul 3, 2023