September 2023

Fourth Wall breaking ladies

It's interesting to see the wave of flawed women character leads. Even the recent British adaptation Annika has it. But it's something that's in:

  • This Way Up
  • Fleabag
  • Chewing Gum
  • I May Destory You
  • Back to Life
  • Frayed

And Catashrophe to a lesser degree. And I feel like Motherland was supposed to be an ensemble version. 

This isn't working

I think I can figure out how to get all my past stuff in here, given a month or two. But I can't figure out how to make it work going forward. Posting on Twitter, Bluesky, and WordPress is just too much to reinput all by hand here. 

The Shieldbearer

Captain America's shield. It should be made of a mix of vibranium, adamantium, and the star material from Conan / Excalibur. And if this shield is ever destroyed, it is gone forever. They might be able to make a shield that has the same dimensions and weight from mostly the same materials, but it would always feel off to Steve. 

Anyway. I should think of how the shield will go through time. After all, Steve can't be the only person to carry the shield. I feel like it should go: 

My own personal Tweetbeat

It is sort of funny that I'm turning this into my own personal Tweetbeat, where it has my articles, videos, art, etc broken out of the stream and into a separate highlight in the sidebar. I ain't mad about it, it's just funny that I seemed to have accidentially backed into it

Only update once a day?

Maybe the thing to do is just merge all new journals, texts, WordPress entries, photos, skeets, tweets, and what-have-you's at the end of a day. Sort of as a calm reflective wind down. Perhaps even end the day with a journal entry, a la Doogie Howser. Who knows, this is all still new.