Here are articles I found online that caught my eye.

September 14 2023

Here, below, is the press release I sent out today to explain what I did and why.

September 14 2023

President Biden warns that Republican-backed spending cuts would take a toll on the U.S. economy as the clock ticks down to a possible government shutdown.

September 12 2023

With just a few episodes, writer Darin Morgan changed The X-Files forever

July 30 2023

Why women were overrepresented in tech layoffs

August 15 2022

DC Comics' continuity is famously convoluted, but one fan project called the DC Continuity Project finally puts things in order in the DCU.

June 30 2021

Star Trek actor Jonathan Frakes thinks TNG was too timid with an episode that could have pushed the franchise's LGBTQ+ representation farther forward.

March 31 2020

Tom King looks back on the brilliant 12-issue series Mister Miracle

January 25 2011

Chester Washington, a writer for the black newspaper The Pittsburgh Courier, sent what could have been a game changing telegram to Pittsburgh Pirates manager Pie Traynor.