Sep 13, 2023

I’m going to set up a one-two punch of WordPress and Drupal to be my journal. Probably with Drupal being the real guy, but using the WordPress app on my phone to post as if it were Twitter. Then I just copy and paste or migrate from WP to Drupal.

So, I set up a WordPress site and now this Drupal build. 

This should also serve as notice that anything posted before this post has been imported, so there might be data loss or something else hinky with the site. 

Dec 11, 2021
I got into a conversation on Twitter and it was stupid. I’m going to copy and paste them here and then delete them. But at least I’ll have access to them.
Apr 2, 2010
Whitney's Best Man speech, "I've only ever seen best man speeches in movies up until now, so I assume this is the point where I tell the bride that I've loved her all of this time. Martha, I've loved you all of this time. Moving on..."